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Welcome to Saline Crew Alumni


Welcome to the Saline Crew Alumni site. Here, everyone can keep in touch and keep updated on the teams status as we all get older! You will find on this site regatta schedules, events and fundraisers, a discussion board, and more in time. With the organization still very young, alumni are still young as well, but hopes for the furture are to grow into a strong organization that will be able to contribute to our team and help them grow into an even more competetive crew on and off the water. How amazing would it be to come to a point where there is a strong Alumni organiztion that can help the team by supporting them with encouragement, volunteering, donations, and more.

For those Alumni who are not able, but are willing, can work towards this with other maturing Alum. For those who are currently able and willing can help start to build this organization. Saline Crew always welcomes its Alumni and their parents to their regattas to watch and cheer them on, as well as to its fundraisers and other events. Also, they appreciate any possible donations that can be made to the team. For further information on that, you can contact Chris Cook through email at

Saline Crew has been working hard all spring season and hope ti build strong rowers this upcoming fall. Congratulations to our new State Champions!!!





05/19/2009 22:19

2009 State Champs!!!

The Saline Crew team traveled to Kensington Park for the Scholastic Rowing Association of Michigan Championships.  The women’s pair of Allison Cook and Erin Lankerd received the gold medal and were crowned State Champions in the first annual event.  By maintaining one of the straightest...


05/09/2009 22:17

Midwest Scholastic Championships

The Saline Crew team travelled to Harsha Lake in Cincinnati for the Midwest Scholastic Nationals on Saturday and Sunday, May 9 and 10th.  On the first day of racing, two seniors - Allison Cook and Erin Lankerd - raced in the women’s pair event and qualified for the finals.  The men’s...


05/02/2009 22:16

WyHi 2009

The Saline Crew team stepped up its performance over the weekend by making it into the WyHi Regatta Mens Novice 8 finals.   This is the best showing yet this season for the team and promises great expectations for upcoming regattas.  Saline entered 8 events at the May 2nd regatta...